Building on Excitement and Working on Endurance

An amazingly joyful and smooth start to the school year has brought us to day 3.

Day 1 and 2 were highlighted by the incredible spirit and enthusiasm from student, teacher, and parents alike to “dive in” in to the new year and meet their new classroom communities.

In two short days, the students have progressed from “newbies” to the school and/or grade level to fully immersed “vets” confident and comfortable in their schedules and classes.

One of the key tasks ahead now turns to endurance building.  Day 3 comes without the training that October and November provide for us, and thus we feel like mile marker 18 of marathon.  Early mornings, engaging days, as well as mental and physical activities leave us hungry for more time asleep.

Alas, the first Kabbalat Shabbat is only two days away. This Shabbat of rest will be welcomed in with open arms.  I look forward to a great completion of week 1, celebrating with you at Kabbalat Shabbat, and the endurance training ahead.

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