Power of Spoken Word (Guest Post by KP)

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

After watching this powerful and challenging piece by Suli Breaks. My good friend, colleague, and thought provoker, Kendrick (@KHQP) shared her own beautiful take.


“My students are more than numbers, figures, or letters.

I refuse to label them or let them define themselves

or their “successes” by A’s for the day or their

“failures” as being “below average”.

No smart ones or slow ones.

No perfection of 100’s or imperfection of 0’s.

My students are works in progress.

We are all works in progress and

success is not defined by numbers and letters but

by intention, passion, investment, engagement and action.

My students are a collection of spirited individuals

who I hope “label” themselves by interests, hopes, dreams, and innovation,

who “grade” & define “success” for themselves through their actions,

their impact and an insatiable thirst to acquire knowledge/learn for themselves

and not for a number or letter on a piece of paper.”

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