Show me your AWESOME!!!


This year the Davis Middle School is diving in to the challenge laid forth by Kid President (@iamkidpresident) to be more AWESOME and bring people with us to AWESOMEness.

We are embracing this as a personal and collective challenge for all members of our community:

Be More AWESOME In Pursuit Of Your Own Growth

Stretch yourself.  Try a new sport, explore a new instrument, or learn to code.  Allow yourself to take risks to learn and grow from your mistakes.  Be brave.

Be More AWESOME In Your Care For The Gifts We Have

We are blessed to learn, play, and grow in two amazing buildings equipped with both traditional and non-traditional learning spaces, fabulous visual and performing arts opportunities, and a robust technological infrastructure and resources.  Join us to be more AWESOME in showing care for these spaces and resources in the way that we treat and care for them.

Be More AWESOME in Your Pride at Being a Davis Lion

Be loud and proud in support of our incredible student athletes, thespians, musicians and fellow students.  Show it by sharing our Lion pride in the community.  Let’s pack the seats for games and performances to show our AWESOME pride.

Be More Awesome In The Way We Treat The Members Of Our Community

Kid President says there is nothing more powerful than compassion.  Let’s be compassionate to our peers, our teachers, and all the members of our community who are individually striving to be more AWESOME.


This year I look forward to sharing a lot about the AWESOME things that our middle school community is doing.  We kicked off our first day with Kid President’s message “For the Heroes”:

 #BeMoreAwesome Challenge

Our first challenge is for students to make their own Pep Talk video about #BeMoreAwesome. One of our contributors will win the chance to be principal for the day in October.  We will have challenges throughout the year that will take multiple forms (essays, art, spoken poetry, and more forms of creative expression) in order to allow all to express their awesomeness in their own unique way.


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