On Monday, (@steinatdavis) will be engaging the (@davis_academy) students in a social inequality activity. The students will be connecting the lessons and learning from their summer reading of “Watsons go to Birmingham” with the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

“As we are currently evaluating the characters in the book, the PTSD that the main character endures, and how the bombing changes everyone we will talk about (a) what has and has not changed since 1963? (b) Do we have enough facts to take a ‘side’ in the Missouri case? (c) How do we examine this situation with our lens of righteousness (this is one of our 5 core school values)?”

Students will tweet throughout the lesson and day using the hashtag #togetherwecanchange, and we will end the day connecting with Bob Dillon (@ideaguy42) and some of his colleagues who work in the school system in and around Ferguson via google hangouts for firsthand accounts.

Please join with us in the learning by following and contributing to  #togetherwecanchange!!!


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