#EduLS #Oneword #blogamonth – Lions, and Tigers, and Bears OH MY!!!


As the New Year begins and the students return to school there is amazing energy and enthusiasm for the learning, growing and possibilities to come. So too are the professional growth possibilities that I find in my inbox, twitter stream, feedly list, voxer…etc.  While I am thrilled and eager to dive right in to this learning, I am cautious and conscious of the struggle I had the last few months to maintain the pace and engagement level in all of these learning spaces.   I am not planning on vacating any of these learning spaces, but I am aware that I need to find the right balance between the wind sprints of learning that occur at the start of a new idea and the marathon that is a lifetime of professional and personal growth.

I am thrilled to see that Todd Nesloney (@techninjatodd) has brought the #summerls learning series back in the form of a year round learning series #eduLS. Moreover, I am thankful to the many members of my 2014 #blogamonth PLN and to those that reached out and asked us to continue it into 2015.  And thus I set out on 2015 with my first post responding to both of these great learning communities.

My one word for 2015 is FUEL.

  1. Fuel to empower my thirst for learning and growing.
  2. Fuel to encourage the amazing team I work with to reach for (and sometimes fail) in their own growth, secure in the knowledge of my support.
  3. Fuel to inspire students to become what they can be and not settle for “good enough”.
  4. And most importantly, fuel to be the best husband and father I can be.

To all who will be learning with me in 2015, I thank you for contributing Fuel to my learning and growth and I hope to be able to return the gesture in kind.

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