In Mark’s powerful TEDTalk, A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter, he states, “Not every day is going to give us the chance to save somebody’s life, but every day gives us the opportunity to affect one”.

This message is the basis for this year’s Davis Middle School theme, #EVERYDAY.

EVERYDAY presents the opportunity to share kindness with a friend.

EVERYDAY presents the opportunity to stretch ourselves and learn something new.

EVERYDAY presents the opportunity to take pride in yourself and your surroundings by taking care of both.


6th Grade – EVERYDAY Explore

Explore yourself and your passions.  The Davis Academy Middle School offers a myriad of outlets for self-exploration.  Whether you shine on the stage, thrive on the soccer field, dig deep into the works of ancient and current literature, or create amazing digital and tactile art, make sure that EVERYDAY you explore.  In a few short weeks, we will board kayaks with friends to journey in Charleston’s harbor and in a blink of an eye we will be boarding rafts with your brothers and sisters to raft down the Jordan River.  EVERYDAY Explore.

7th Grade – EVERYDAY Commit

Commit to yourself.  Seventh grade is a year of higher expectations both spiritually and academically.  In Judaism, for most, this will be the year of the Bnai Mitzvot.  Seventh graders will make a commitment to the Jewish people to embody the history, values, and lessons of the Torah.  This is a year of commitment to school as well.  A commitment to higher expectations and higher stakes, as this year will help shape both high school decisions and acceptances.  EVERYDAY Commit to being the best you.

8th Grade – EVERYDAY Cherish

Cherish the last lap in the journey.  Whether this is year two or year ten at The Davis Academy, cherish the relationships that have been created between friends, teachers, and with oneself.  Cherish the opportunity to be leaders, both at The Davis Academy and in the larger community.  Cherish the memories that have been made and the unbelievable ones ahead as we experience our Kehillah on Kallah at Coleman, through community service with our Marist peers, and in our homeland. EVERYDAY Cherish.


EVERYDAY be and become the person you can be.


EVERYDAY know that I and the amazing team of teachers are here to nurture and support these achievements.



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