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  1. I enjoyed looking at your blog! I am a Middle School ICT Teacher (@ICTPHMS on Twitter). I was curious; I see that you utilize edublogs for your site, but you use kidblogs for your students. Would you suggest I use kidblogs for my students? I currently use edublogs for my students. Just wondering if kidblogs is more user friendly?? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I actually do not have a lot of experience with kidblogs, and this is actually my first dive in to blogging. That being said, I spoke with my fabulous 21st century learning coordinator (Stacy Brown @21ststacy) who has experience with both platforms. She feels that kidblogs is much more intuitive and well designed tool for kids. I and/or Stacy would be happy to connect and discuss our experiences with blogging if it would be helpful.

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