Davis Core Values

קְהִלָּה (Kehillah) – Community

Kehillah is more than just a group of people who share a common space. It is a group of people who share a common vision, common values, common hopes, common language, and common expectations of one another. We don’t sacrifice our individuality to be part of a kehillah. Instead we understand that our diverse and unique qualities and attributes make our kehillah vibrant.

צֶדֶק (tzedek) – Righteousness

Tzedek means “righteousness.” Tzedakah means “charitable giving.” To be a tzadik means to be a righteous person. Righteousness and generosity are ways we make the world a better place and do tikkun olam. Tzedek speaks to our moral obligation to engage in this work of transformation.

חָכְמָה (Chochmah) – Wisdom

Jewish tradition views chochmah as something richer than knowledge. Chochmah is the ability to apply one’s knowledge ethically and compassionately. Chochmah is about making wise choices, about seeking wise counsel, and about arriving at a place beyond knowledge—a place of true insight, appreciation, and understanding.

כָּבוֹד (Kavod) – Respect/ Honor

Judaism teaches that all of creation should be treated with kavod. It also teaches that a person is deserving of kavod if they show kavod through their words and deeds. When we show kavod we are implicitly acknowledging the Divine presence in other people and in the natural world. This recognition is meant to transform the way we relate to all people, including ourselves.

רוּחַ (Ruach) – Spirit  

Ruach means “spirit” in two different ways. First, it means “spirit” in terms of energy, passion, and drive. Second, it means “spirit” in terms of the intangible part of who we are. The ruach within each of us is what drives us to do what we do and be who we are. In a community individual ruach contributes to communal ruach. A truly spirited and spiritual community is comprised of spirited and spiritual individuals.


Davis Values


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