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Excitement in the Air


As July turns to August, we all prepare to say a sad goodbye to another summer and an eager hello to another school year.  The 8 weeks allow time for the building to “rest and recover” and be prepared anew.  The floors are waxed, the walls have new paint, and the grass on the fields and playground is lush and green.  The 8 weeks allow time for our students and family to spend time occupied with swimming, camp, and embracing childhood.  The 8 weeks allow faculty to unwind, reflect, and charge up again for another year.

8 weeks of quiet (or relatively so).  8 weeks of no students in the halls.  8 weeks of no carpool lines. 8 weeks of no faculty meetings.  While peaceful and rejuvenating, it is 8 weeks of a building instead of a school.

Now, that is all about to change, and I welcome it.  Though I certainly feel like the 8 weeks passed in 8 days, and I wonder how summer (which in my childhood memories lasted a beautiful eternity) became only 8 weeks. I am excited.  I look forward to the reconnection of our incredible faculty community.  Sharing in the joyous occasions that occurred while we were apart, hearing about the exciting adventures that we partook in, and laughing in the newest anecdotes of children, friends, and family that make up our community story. Soon the halls and rooms will be filled with passionate teachers eager to set up their classrooms, plan with colleagues, and prepare for the year ahead.

What will make 2013-14 even better than the years that proceeded it?  How can I and my team grow each day to make the growing of the students visible and meaningful? How do we build on our strengths, identify and plan for areas of growth, and find new ways to make The Davis experience transformational for all members of our community?

These are the challenges and opportunities ahead of us, and I cannot wait to dive in.