Reflections on the Building Learning Communities Conference (#BLC13)

“If you want to benchmark the future you first have to invent it.” Dr.  Yong Zhao

I just returned from 4 incredible days of learning from some of the leading practitioners and thinkers in the field of education.  Their passion for analyzing, reflecting, and impacting their students as well as the field of education radiated through their sessions and the interactions between fellow colleagues.  The challenge that we all face is how to educate a current population of students so as to prepare them best for a future that will not only differ from the future we were prepared for in our schooling, but also be significantly different than the current world they are living, learning and growing in.   The keystones to the education we grew up with, knowledge and the production of articles to display this knowledge, are still important today, but the access and rapidity at which all of us can access this knowledge combined with the abundance of content that is searchable and accessible instantaneously have introduced new equally important keystones.  Learning how to search for and evaluate “quality” content, being a contributor to this ever-growing knowledge base, and finding and building on your own passions are equally relevant and important.  I look forward to processing the incredible learning I experienced over the past 4 days and sharing this learning with my community.

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