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There have been a number of wonderful posts recently about the amazing benefits and considerations of being a connected educator.

“Man that’s a good idea!” How being connected has improved my pedagogy via Starr Sackstein

The Connected Educator Culture via Tom Whitby

Do We Really Need Connected Educators? via Tom Whitby

You Know You’re a Connected Educator When… via Jessica Johnson

Why I Took Facebook and Twitter Off My Phone via Chris Wejr

My PLN Saved My Career via Todd Nesloney

The fact that I have access to these incredible teachers, and transitively my teacher team and students have access to them through my learning, further advances the import of connection.  Further, I have shared in the past (Radical Sharing) a number of the ideas that our team has harvested from a myriad of connections and has implemented in school.  These enhancements/ideas involved personalization of learning techniques, tools, and or activities that were effectively being used in classrooms around the country.


In addition to the ability to learn, replicate and personalize ideas from great teachers, connectedness affords the opportunity for synthesizing ideas in order to  form new opportunities.  Below is a twitter conversation of this exact nature:



  (Referred to in twitter conversation)
You are a Marvel via Drew Minock

You Matter via Angela Maiers


The idea was to have students create content (of any type: digital, drawings, podcasts…etc) that reflects that they are marvels and that they matter.

What is our ‘You are a Marvel’ project? (Amy Popp & Catherine Solmson)

The ‘You are a Marvel’ project was a collaboration between the Jewish Studies program and the Media Center to get students thinking about and expressing what makes them unique and marvelous.  The Jewish studies teacher introduced them to the concept, and talked to them about what makes each of us unique.  She had the students tell her what makes them unique as an individual, and then she sent me an email with the students’ responses.  This week in the media center, the students made a visual representation of their marvelous trait/quality using the PicCollage iPad app.  As you can see, some of the students got VERY into the project!  And the range of things the students chose that set them apart as an individual are amazing and awesome!


Connecting and Ideating Forward

“I think that to be an effective educator today, one must become a connected educator through the use of at least one, if not more, social media services,” (Cathy Higgins in Connection (and Moderation) in the Twitterverse).

I am grateful for all the talented educators throughout the world who have connected with myself and my team, and I look forward to reaping the continued collective benefits within our school, our community, and our PLN.

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