A Message of Thanks

As we prepare to welcome grandparents and special friends into our school and in to our home, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks to all who have contributed to this fabulous start to the school year. 

It is such a joy to come to work each day and to get to work with such a committed group of professional and caring teachers and staff members.  I give thanks to the countless hours of grading, planning, and sharing that they commit.

It is such a joy to be greeted each morning by a throng of smiling student faces eager to experience the day ahead and excited about the learning opportunities that await.  I give thanks for their enthusiasm, love of learning, joy for Jewish practice, and unwavering ability to make me smile.

It such a joy to be able to partner with a parent body that is actively involved in their children’s education and willing to volunteer in the classroom, throughout the school, and in the community.  I give thanks for the trust you put in us and the support you give to us as we work to educate your children.

Lastly, it such a joy to be a member of a community that exemplifies the values of wisdom, courage, and honor that we teach in our classrooms.  I give thanks to all the great role models and Menschs who have reached out to one another to support other members of the community through both the joyous and challenging times of the past few months.

I wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving filled with good food, memories, and company,


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