Is the key device of innovation MATTER?


I had the great privilege of spending last week with a group of my EDU-heroes at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference.   As the conference title would imply there were a myriad of excellent sessions on google classroom, learning management systems, app-smashing, and fantastic curricular, collaborative, and creative website and technological tools.   As I reflect on the learning takeaways from these three great days of learning, however, I am left with a much more profound question: Is the key device of innovation MATTER?



Angela Maiers (@AngelaMaiers) – “Every human being needs to know that they are noticed, valued and essential.”

Leslie Fisher (@lesliefisher) – “My words, your words matter. Use your superpowers for good!”


Erin Klein (@KleinErin) – “I strive to be the teacher that I want my own kids to have.”

Ge-Anne Bolhuis (@gabolhuis) – “Your heart is your power source to build up others.”


Will Richardson (@willrich45)  – “The tech conversation doesn’t matter if you haven’t had the learning conversation first.

Jennie Magiera (@MsMagiera)  – “Is school educating the curiosity and inquisitiveness out of our students?”


I love the irony at the heart of a tech conference evoking the following lasting questions for me. 

How do I actively support a culture in which all participants are valued, where relationships are invested in and developed, and where all learners are engaged in work that matters to them and to the world?



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  1. Thank you for showing your heart at EdCamp Cobb. When we get out of our comfort zones and share, we find that we are not alone. When we take risks, some will follow. This is how change begins. So blessed to have this community to work with and beside.

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