Faculty DEAR Time 2015


Each week I am fortunate to have time allocated to sit with each of my grade level teams to discuss our students, programs, and ideas for the future.  This week we used this collective time for our own enjoyment, learning, and sharing.  Instead of the normal agenda of topics which I raise and the questions which each team brings to share with me, I gathered a selection of articles/blogs from a diverse group of education sources and topics (jointly curated by myself and by recommendations of my team throughout the year), laid out sweets and snacks, and we all spent time in DEAR (drop everything and read) time.  Each teacher chose the articles (as many as they wanted) that interested them and we spent 20 silent minutes reading.  After this we engaged in a discussion about the items and the points the resonated with us.  While the meetings were tied together by the common titles shared, the organic discussions were unique to each grade level.  Further, that the reading and conversations evoked not only professional learning and sharing, but in a number of instances also inspired some personal sharing, benefited our community by creating a space and time where we could grow closer to each other as a result of such sharing. The discussions have been fabulous, and there have been many requests for more opportunities to repeat this process in the future.

Thank you to the amazing educators who share their passion with me regularly through their writings, and helped make this learning experience so positive for all of our teachers.


  1. 5 Ways to Lay the Foundation for Innovation #InnovatorsMindset by @gcouros
  2.  6 Truths about Technology in Education by @ajjuliani
  3.  10 myths undermining #education… by @justintarte
  4.  10 Questions We Should Ask Ourselves about Homework by @LitCoachLady
  5.  (Digital) Identity in a World that No Longer Forgets by @courosa & @kbhildebrandt
  6.  For Students, the Importance of Doing Work That Matters by @willrich45
  7.  Manifesto 15 Evolving Learning by @manifesto_15
  8.  Social Consequences of Food Allergy by @creativitypost
  9.  The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers by @chronicle
  10.  The Gutenberg Pause is almost over by @prmurphy
  11.  The Open Door Isn’t Always Open by @chrislehmann
  12.  The Opportunities for Empathy in the Classroom by @terryheick
  13.  Want to keep your new middle-schooler out of trouble? Then let them take risks by @michelleicard
  14. When Schools Overlook Introverts by @TheMrGodsey
  15. Write, Erase, Do It Over: On Failure, Risk and Writing Outside Yourself by @MsToniMorrison

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