The Network Sherpa Experience by Leah


My name is Leah. I am one of the Davis Network Sherpas. I remember the first meeting we had. I was the only girl out of five Sherpas. Being a Sherpa is really fun because it is a great learning experience. Every time we have a meeting, we learn something new. It is a great learning experience not only for the other Network Sherpas but also for the teachers that we help. Sometimes the teachers even learn from the kids! Today, we learned about servers. It was very interesting. We learned about where all of our documents go after the children at Davis save them. We learned about all the telephones in the school, which was also very interesting. Also, the Network Sherpas will be learning about imaging next Thursday. I am so excited for that subject. Even though I am the only girl, the boys are good to work with because they are really smart and really nice. At home, my dad and I love to build things together. For example, last year we made a menorah. It isn’t just your run of the mill menorah, however. He programmed each candlestick to light for a certain amount of time for each night. It was beautiful to look at and really easy to use. Even though being a Network Sherpa is fun, we still have to be at school before the doors open. We have our meetings before school starts. I don’t know how we learn so much in just thirty minutes! In my opinion, I think younger Davis students should grow up to love building robots and all the other gizmo gadgets that are out there. I think the younger students who would love to do what I do at Davis should sign up to be a Davis Network Sherpa. I have a little advice for the younger kids: never stop believing in yourself and don’t get frustrated when things don’t go your way. If you fail the first time, try try again. Thank you for learning a little bit about our Network Sherpa program and remember, never stop trying.

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