The path back to reflection


Two years ago I was fortunate enough to be a part of a vibrant blogging PLN.

Welcome to #blogamonth – We are a diverse #PLN of teachers, administrators, coaches and more.  We connect to provide each member with some “edu-couragement” to write a blog and comment on a blog at least once a month.  We are always looking for new member to share in our growth and learning.

This commitment to my own reflection and growth and that of my PLN members was amazingly impactful.  Over the past few years, I have found my own posting, my commenting, and my saturation in this form learning waning.  While I have certainly filled this time with other work, life, and alternative learning avenues, I feel the loss of this collegial and reflective avenue.

Why blog?

Blogging is an inherently reflective activity that forces the author to examine their actions and emotions as they relate to events or ideas.  As teachers we need to be engaged in and model reflective practice so as to best meet the needs of all of our students.  Blogging allows us to share our thoughts, our challenges, and our successes with a global audience.  It offers transparency in to our humanity and fallibility, and it enables the potential for meaningful connection both internally with the community we serve and externally in to a larger community to we which we can both offer and receive support.

Recently I have been approached by a number of members of #blogamonth with the desire to recreate the PLN and the Edu-couragement/commitment that is associated with it.  I look forward to re-launching this effort and learning together.

I have cleared out our pre-existing list (except for participants who have been in touch with me and wanting to reinstate this effort), so as to include only those who want to participate.  If you would like to join or rejoin in the Edu-couragement? Join the #blogamonth group for monthly topics and tons of support!


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