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As a kid I loved the endless days and weeks of summer.  Camp, pool parties, family trips and very few rules or bed times.  These 10 weeks filled my joy meter, and set me on the path to a great successive year in school.

As a parent, I am enjoying watching my children immersed in this same ritual.  Though only a month in to their summer they are enjoying the freedom of activity and procedures to fill their joy meter.

As an educator, my view on the duration of summer is certainly a little more realistic (if not sometime cynical), though my desire to fill my meter (bucket) in order to best prepare for the successive year has not changed.  With that in mind, and the relaunch of #blogamonth (which I hope will be a sustaining force in my “bucket” level), I share my response to the July topic:

“What are you doing this summer to grow, refuel, and prepare for 2016-17?”


  1. Edcamps

I love Edcamp.  I love the format, discussions, passion, multiple perspectives, varied experience levels, and different functions and environments in which participants come to edcamp from.   I am a fan of any format that recognizes and embraces the idea that the smartest person in the room should always be the room.  Thus I am headed to 3 Edcamps this summer, and I would attend more if they were geographically convenient:

Edcamp Leadership Alabama

Edcamp Organizers Summit

Edcamp Fayette


  1. TedED Challenge

This is the second year that I will be participating in the July TedED challenge in which a 4-6 minute Ted video and lesson is delivered to my email each day.  I enjoyed the range of topics that were presented last year, and I always love finding great videos to use and share.  This year I am excited to have my son attempting the challenge with me.


  1. Reading

Reading over the summer is certainly not a new or different method of filling my bucket, but this year it has taken on a few special purposes to heighten the learning.  First, Stacy Brown (@21ststacy) and I will be hosting to parent book clubs during the upcoming year.  The two books (Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and The Circle by Dave Eggers) are a part of two different book club professional development strands (opportunities) that teacher may participate in as well.   Second, I will be writing a book review (Quiet Power by Susan Cain) for SAIS.  Hereto I am thrilled by the contrast in topics and styles of these three authors.  Lastly, and certainly ongoing, I am reading the fantastic blogs and articles of the PLN I learn from and with.


  1. Lastly but certainly not lastly

Nothing fills my bucket like spending time, playing cards and grilling out with my family and friends while trying to make the most of each day. The summer is blessedly full of time for our family to be and laugh together, to host and hang with friends, and time for a game of cards or two (J).


If you would like to join in the Edu-couragement? Join the #blogamonth group for monthly topics and tons of support!

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