Student Reflections on Our Trip to Charleston



My most memorable part of my trip to Charleston was the incredible kayaking adventure. While paddling down the river I saw many different types of wild birds. I saw an amazing amount of brown, black, gray, and white birds. As we were floating down the river I could smell the millions of oysters, fish and salt. The river smelled like a mixture of smelly fish and the Dead Sea. When the splashes of water reached my mouth I could taste the saltiness of the water, it tasted like stale pretzels.   I felt most connected to God when I was drifting slowly down the river, listening to the birds chirping, seeing the water rushing by and feeling calluses form on my hands. It was one of the best experiences because I got to relax, think about God, talk to my friends and enjoy nature a little bit more. – Rian


One of my favorite parts of Charleston was the bus rides. I really likes it when we were listening to the soundtrack of Grease and Mrs. Stein, my language arts teacher, was singing along. The bus rides were also really fun because we got to watch movies. My favorite was Parental Guidance, because it was really funny. I also really enjoyed all the activities we did. One of my favorites was go carting, it seemed like that was also Mr. Frank’s favorite. I also enjoyed kayaking with dolphins because they are so cute. Overall Charleston was one of the most fun trips I have ever been on. – Sarah


The most memorable experience I had this trip was visiting the seaport of Charleston. Two other friends and I got to go all over the aircraft carrier, the destroyer, and the submarine. In the aircraft carrier I could feel how uncomfortable it was for the sailors on the boat. I felt really hot air and it was claustrophobic. I could see that the space inside the ship was compact. On the deck I could smell the fresh sea air of the ocean. When I stood on the edge of the deck, I could taste the salt of the saltwater. Looking out at the ocean, I heard the sound of the waves hitting against the aircraft carrier. This was my most favorite activity because I’ve always wanted to go on to an aircraft carrier. – Eran


The most memorable part of Charleston was going to the pool the last night of the trip and having fun with my friends. It was very enjoyable and crazy loud. It smelled like chlorine was rushing through the air. It also tasted chemically and it had the taste of chlorine. The pool felt room temperature and at sometimes I got chills while I was in there. It was so crowded I could barely move around. A lot of times it was hard to keep my eyes open because of all the splashing and water going into my eyes. After that I went to go talk to some friends and then Mr.Frank told us it would be a good idea to start heading back, but I stayed. At the end when there was about twenty minutes left, a bunch of people left but a few people stayed and we played jackpot. We played for the next twenty minutes, it was so much fun. The branch of science that goes with my most memorable memory is kinesiology. This is the science of human movement. It fits into my memory because in the pool we are moving, swimming, and jumping into the pool. – Ben

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