Recently I had the pleasure of hearing one of my family friends and personal heroes Congressman John Lewis come to my school to share with our school and greater community stories of his upbringing, his advocacy and activism in the civil rights movement, and his #1 New York Times bestselling graphic novel trilogy, March. As always, I was inspired by the person he is, the way he connects with an audience, and the vision of love and hope that he puts forth despite be physically a part of some of the most hate-filled and hopeless parts of our history.

Two quotes from that evening have been particularly lasting to me:

  1. We all have an obligation to leave this little piece of real estate a little cleaner, a little greener and a little more peaceful!
  2. Get into trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble!

These words, like the man himself, inspire me to fulfill the obligation to seek and engage in good trouble in the New Year!

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