Ongoing Process of Growth

I have had a hard time writing this post. Not because I am unhappy, not because there is a shortage wonderful new things in my life relative to last year to be thankful for, and not because I feel any particular restraint in these areas. This past year we completed an amazing capital campaign and expansion of our facilities, I attended and was honored to present at multiple wonderful learning conferences, and my team and I continued the exhausting and exhilarating work of trying to grown and learn each day. I think this is where my struggle with the current prompt lies. As a community and as an individual, we/I are trying to improve each day so that we may be more (effective, impactful, reflective, communal, transformative) each tomorrow. This process gives me incredible pride as a colleague of fellow amazing professionals, as a parent of students who are benefiting from this culture of growth, and as a person with a passion for education and the development of students.

All in all, I think my rambling misses the mark from the goal of the prompt. If forced on target, I guess I would have to say that I am grateful that I am “still” in the process of growing, and I hope I am still in this process next year and for the foreseeable future.


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