November #blogamonth Post

On a reflective and holistic level I am thankful for many of the gifts in my life. This month’s post however asked for the daily delight.

The first response that came to my mind was relationships. In my 17th year at Davis, I have had the great privilege to create meaningful and lasting relationships with the students I have taught, the parents I have partnered with and the colleagues I have worked together with.   Indeed relationships are the backbone and the power source of all the work we do. One of my favorite teachers, George Couros, said, “I became a teacher to change the trajectory to all kids I interact with. If we want to impact their minds, we must first connect with the heart of our students.” This speaks directly to relationships and is equally true for the parents and teachers we partner with. This answer definitely rang true for me, but it seemed to be a bit a deeper than the whimsy implied by a daily delight.

I next considered the high fives in the halls from students, the wonder in the questions I hear from our youngest and most curious learners, and the smiles I see as our students explore all aspects of their academic, creative and spiritual development. In the end, the whimsy of daily delight led me back to whimsy, laughter and humor itself. For me, humor is a daily delight and requirement. Whether it is my weekly emails with education cartoons, silly faces made in classroom windows, jokes shared with our new 6th grade Good Moring Football club, or laughing with colleagues about the comedy rich world of education and children, humor is the unquestionable daily delight for me.

2 thoughts on “November #blogamonth Post”

  1. Your relational focus is evident in the way you care for and support so many in our community and in the way that you engage with all different members of our community! I’m speaking from experience!

  2. Humor is a must! That’s something we have to hold onto, no matter what. Whenever we can weave humor into our daily life, we live a little lighter and feel a little brighter. Thank you for bringing humor to school each day!

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